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Learn about us and our story

Baked by Mommy was established in January 2020.

All Baked by Mommy products are free of aluminum, alcohol and corn syrup.


No additives or preservatives of any type are added, not even on the decorations (this makes it way harder to work with, harder to handle and to get the shapes, but safe to eat and safe to be in touch with the cake)


Most of the ingredients are organic and all carefully selected.


All the buttercream and frosting are prepared with 50% less sugar than a regular recipe.


All cookie, cake and cupcake dough are prepared without white sugar.


Because of my children, I created all these recipes (you won't find our flavor anywhere else!). When I started, I couldn't find any place that made cakes or other desserts that were made in a natural way, without so much butter, sugar and additives and that’s how the idea of creating Baked by Mommy started.

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